Budget Chopper Bicycle

Think long and hard about what you ‘re going to do with the frame. It took a draw of thinking to make certain that my human body chop was going to work. In the end, it worked out OK.

mental picture 1 shows the frame of reference before chopping ( it ‘s top down on the bench )

The skeleton was chopped to that the bottom bracket shell was towards the front of the bicycle. We ‘ll be stretching the ensnare.

picture 2 shows the frame after the chop ! There ‘s no going back nowadays ! I decided I wanted to keep the match top tubes as they ‘re such a great have, so I cut them as near to the rear hub as possible.

Younger Chinese are spurning factory jobs that power the economy

Younger Chinese are spurning factory jobs that power the economy

SHENZHEN — Growing up in a Chinese village, Julian Zhu only saw his father a few times a year when he returned for holidays from his exhausting job in a textile mill in southern Guangdong province. 

For his father’s generation, factory work was a lifeline out of rural poverty. For Mr. Zhu, and millions of other younger Chinese, the low pay, long hours of drudgery and the risk of injuries are no longer sacrifices worth making. 

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Picks Up $5 Billion TSMC Stake

Cash Flow

(Bloomberg) — For investors looking for a dip-buying opportunity in the global chip industry, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. may have a recommendation: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

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Warren Buffett’s conglomerate picked up a $5 billion stake in the firm in the recent quarter amid a rout that wiped out over $250 billion from the stock. It hasn’t commented publicly on the deal but market watchers attribute the purchase to TSMC’s cheap valuations, technology leadership and solid fundamentals. 

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Laurel Road: 4 Ways Nurses can Prioritize Debt Payment


Pursuing a degree in nursing can mean accruing a significant amount of debt, whether it’s student loans, credit cards, or otherwise. Choosing which debts to pay first and how quickly to pay them off, while staying within a budget, can require some strategy and planning. To help, here are four ways nurses can prioritize paying off their debts and take control of their finances.


Refinance student loans



Wheels fall off the gig economy for Deliveroo

Wheels fall off the gig economy for Deliveroo

No money in delivery Gig workers ‘devastated’

The spectacular collapse of Deliveroo in Australia this week may have been a shock for customers and drivers, but the writing was on the wall for the company – which had already quit Germany and Spain, associate professor at the University of Sydney Business School, Angela Knox, said.

“Australia has a much smaller population than other countries where Deliveroo has withdrawn, so I’m not surprised that … they’ve made that decision,” Dr Knox said.

: Retirement savers, especially Gen Z, hold steady, even in a rough stock market

: Retirement savers, especially Gen Z, hold steady, even in a rough stock market

Despite market turbulence that ate into retirement account balances and left workers feeling worse about their finances, the majority of retirement savers kept their contributions steady and Generation Z savers actually hiked their contribution rates, new data from Fidelity Investments showed.

Although average account balances have decreased, the data suggested retirement savers continued to focus on the long-term: total 401(k) savings rates held strong, the number of IRAs at Fidelity continued to increase, and the percentage of employees with 401(k) loans remained low for a sixth consecutive quarter, the firm found. 

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Can You Buy a House After Bankruptcy?

Stock Market Rally Tumbles As Fed’s Powell Hints At Slower Hikes, But Higher Peak Rate

Fed Pivot To Slower Rate Hikes Powell Sees Higher Peak Rate Dow Jones Futures Today Stock Market Rally ETFs Earnings Market Rally Analysis What To Do Now


Dow Jones futures rose slightly early Thursday, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. The stock market rally suffered major losses Wednesday following the Federal Reserve meeting.



The major indexes rebounded after the Fed hiked rates aggressively yet again but signaled that it could start to slow the pace of rate increases. However, Fed chief Jerome Powell then suggested that rates will peak at an-even higher level than previously forecast.

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