The Henry Anderson collection of Golden Age comic books – modest in size, at just 150 lots, but important in content, with comics that include Detective Comics #38 (April 1940) and Wonder Woman #1 (Summer 1942), both from D.C. Comics – will come up for bid on Saturday, October 1st, by Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers, beginning at 10 am Eastern time.

The auction will be held online and in the Bruneau & Co. gallery. Born in 1931, Henry Anderson grew up in the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston, R.I., where he purchased comics from the local drugstore on Broad Street. From 1938 thru 1947, he collected 163 comic books published by D.C. Comics, Dell, Fawcett, Fiction House, Harvey and others.

Henry Anderson was mostly drawn to military comic books, having been nine years old at the start of WWII in Europe. Of all the titles he collected, he followed Fiction House Jumbo Comics and Wings Comics the most. However, he did dabble with superhero titles, too, including D.C. Comics Batman, Detective Comics, Flash, Superman and Wonder Woman.

As he grew older, the comics became a collectible of his past as he moved on to pursue stamp collecting with his father, a hobby he practiced for the entirety of his life. While Henry was actively acquiring stamps, his comics remained safe in two metal boxes since 1947, until being consigned to Bruneau & Co. Auctioneers by his family earlier this year.

The copy of D.C. Comics Wonder Woman #1 features the first appearance of Ares and a retelling of the origin of Wonder Woman. It’s graded CGC 5.5 (one of 11 graded 5.5 in the CGC census; only 37 known copies are graded higher) and is ranked #20 on The Overstreet Top 100 Golden Age Comics list. The comic should sell for $30,000-$50,000.

The copy of D.C. Comics Detective Comics #38 features the origin and first appearance of Batman’s faithful companion Robin, The Boy Wonder. It’s graded CGC 3.0, one of nine with that grade and only 34 known copies are rated higher. It’s ranked #24 on The Overstreet Top 100 Golden Age Comics list and is expected to realize $20,000-$30,000.

Batman will make several appearances throughout the day. A few highlights include:


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