Chocolate Popcorn

Chocolate Popcorn

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Treat the one you love this Valentine’s Day with this delicious chocolate popcorn recipe. Simple to make, this chocolate-covered popcorn is sure to win over everyone’s hearts! Bag it up and add the gift tags, and you have one easy homemade Valentine’s Day gift that will be loved!

Tim Allen Reveals He's Returning to One of His Old Movie Roles

Jennifer Lopez Jokes About Ben Affleck's 'Happy Face' After Grammy Memes

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: Timeline of the Bennifer Romance Everything Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez Have Said About Their Romance From the Red Carpet to Paris! Jennifer and Ben's Best Couple Style Moments

Having a laugh. Jennifer Lopez seemingly poked fun at Ben Affleck‘s viral Grammys reactions while promoting his new movie Air.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: Timeline of the Bennifer Romance

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The Hustlers actress, 53, shared the film’s trailer via Instagram on Thursday, February 9, adding a cover image for the post that shows Affleck, 50, frowning in character. “My husband’s happy face,” read text that Lopez overlaid at the beginning of the clip.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Here’s Who Will Object To Sharon and Chance

Y&R Spoilers Speculation The Usual Y&R Suspects Victor Newman: Big Daddy The Other Y&R Mother

Viewers don’t need to read the latest Y&R spoilers to know that Sharon Rosales and Chance Chancellor are taking a new, fresh look at each other these days. And they’re liking what they see. The two understand each other on a very deep level.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

And they find each other attractive on a very surface one. So is there anything stopping Chance (Conner Floyd) and Sharon (Sharon Case) from shooting for a happily ever after? We have some suspicions about that.

Lashana Lynch lets it be known — she can sing (and fight)


It makes sense that Lashana Lynch felt like perfect casting to play Izogie, the machete-wielding bodyguard in Gina Prince-Bythewood’s historical epic “The Woman King.” Lynch’s filmography, after all, was already filled with physically demanding roles, from a pro fighter pilot in “Captain Marvel” to a gravity-defying superspy in “No Time to Die.” So the British actor was as surprised as anyone to learn what inspired Prince-Bythewood to tailor Izogie with Lynch in mind: “She saw me give a speech at the 2020 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards,” says Lynch. “She said, ‘I was impressed by who you are,’ which is wild. For a Black woman filmmaker that I’d admired since the beginning of her career, that was a special moment for me.”

Should I Fast After a Binge?

Are ‘indirect control’ strategy/management games worth exploring?

I've been doing my annual Frostpunk playthrough, this time together with my wife. As you play the game your rule will either slide into fascism or theocracy, but if you play your cards right you can avoid it and stay "neutral". My wife has pointed out that while still better than alternatives, this "neutral" way of ruling is still very authoritarian as I'm single-handedly declaring laws, ordering people what to do and deciding between their life and death. This made me think about all the games that didn't work this way and, to my surprise, I couldn't think of many.

A few games came to mind where indirect control was relatively important:

Top Gun: Maverick’s Shirtless Beach Scene Has Been Made Into A Sweaty, Musical 3-Hour Compilation


While Top Gun became a massive hit in its day due to the incredible action sequence using real jets, that was far from the only thing about the movie that became iconic and memorable. The volleyball scene in the original film has lived on in infamy as much as anything else and the sequel was going to need to do its version of that. The good news for fans is that we got our new generation volleyball scene in beach football, and now it exists as a three hour repeatable sequence, because why not?

It’s like a yule log video, but instead it’s a bunch of good looking people playing football half dressed. Really who wouldn’t want that? The video on YouTube is a Christmas gift from Paramount+ who have added a new music track to the sequence and then just looped the football scene over and over again until it runs for three hours. It’s a Christmas miracle.