Apple looking to move iPhone production out of China in wake of violent worker protests: report | Fox Business

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., reacts to reports Apple limited crucial AirDrop function in China in the weeks leading up to anti-COVID lockdown demonstrations in China.

Apple Inc., is accelerating its plan to move iPhone production out of China in the wake of violent worker protests over COVID regulations at the world’s largest iPhone factory, a report by the Wall Street Journal said Saturday. 

The plant, dubbed iPhone City, made headlines in recent weeks after workers revolted over COVID-related concerns with security officers decked out in hazmat suits.

Apple is reportedly looking to shift its production toward other nations in Asia like India and Vietnam and to reduce dependence on Taiwanese electronics manufactures like Foxconn which owned the facility in Zhengzhou.

The Purpose of War


Sooner or later you are going to start wondering just what the real purpose of the war is and was. Everyone will have an opinion, but no one will have an answer. The war, for you, will be what you decide it will be. Your role and experiences will determine the meaning you assign to it.

You may find that you wholeheartedly believe that your presence was purposeful and resulted in positive results. You may also have deep doubts as to what was accomplished overall and whether or not your buddies died in vain.

Why China’s dominance of electric vehicle supply chain must be countered – EQ Mag Pro

  It is too risky and expensive for India to be dependent on imports across the energy transition board, particularly EVs. At higher ends of the value chain, from battery cells onwards, there is a need to invest much more.

The start of COP27 in Egypt has renewed the world’s focus on climate change. Electric vehicles (EVs) are key in the global quest to decarbonise. In India, which also faces serious air pollution issues, the transition to EVs is critical. However, there is a China-size risk in the supply chain for electric vehicles. The recent sabre-rattling across the Taiwan Straits ought to be a warning for the world. Given India’s troubled relationship with China, the risk may be even more acute.

I Have Open Gross sales Territories And Recruiting is Difficult. What Are My Choices?

I Have Open Gross sales Territories And Recruiting is Difficult. What Are My Choices?

4 Methods To Fill Vacant Roles Conclusion


Most individuals in hiring roles are having the dialog: How am I going to search out somebody to fill my vacant roles?

The issue is actual, and for some, it’s overwhelming.

Listed below are 4 choices to think about.

New York’s first round of dispensary licenses seem to be stalled, with no clear solution on horizon

As of today, it’s been four weeks since applications were due for New York State’s first adult use cannabis dispensary licenses to be awarded since the Registered Organization program was created in 2016. But despite the deadline, the 903 applicants for 150 new dispensary licenses have little idea when they’ll receive notice of who wins a license – or much else.

“It is a holding pattern at this stage,” said applicant Jim Anstey.

“I feel optimistic, but I feel uncertain as well. It’s just conjecture,” said applicant Osbert Orduña.

“It’s really nerve wracking,” said applicant Jerry Rivera.

Copyright challenges – a ticking time bomb in social media age – Businessday

Businessday Ng – Copyright law seeks to strike a balance between the rights of the creator and the copyright owner, so that they may manage and protect their business and works. Presently, copyright has become very important, particularly in terms of information. The internet has allowed consumers across the globe to access information easily and with less boundaries. Yet, this tool has allowed consumers to access and reproduce works without adhering to copyright requirements. How has copyright law dealt with this global problem, how has the Nigerian law protected an online content creator and how can it seek to alleviate the struggles of a content creator? Copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works. Works covered by copyright range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programmes, databases, advertisements, maps, and technical drawings.

NY State Expands Protections for Workplace Discrimination – The National Law Review

NY State Expands Protections for Workplace Discrimination – The National Law Review

A suite of bills aimed at further enhancing protections for both employees and independent contractors regarding discrimination, harassment and retaliation in the workplace are on the horizon in New York State.  Several of these bills, if ultimately enacted, would potentially lead to a groundbreaking shift in how employers approach settlement of discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims. The following three bills have already been signed into law:

U.S. Retailer Publix’s First CO2 System Approaches Energy Parity with HFC Counterpart in a Warm Climate

A Publix store in central Florida using a transcritical CO2 (R744) system currently shows a 7% premium to reach energy parity with an HFC system, while stores further north in cooler climates show no difference or even energy savings from switching to CO2.

This analysis was presented by Doug Milu, Manager of the Refrigeration & Energy Program at Southeastern U.S. retailer Publix Super Markets, and Derek Gosselin, Director of Technical Product Support of U.S. OEM Hillphoenix, during the FMI (Food Industry Association) Energy and Store Development Conference in Orlando, Florida, on September 19–21.

Milu and Gosselin explained how Publix worked with Hillphoenix to develop an energy analysis tool to gauge how various measures are closing the parity gap between an HFC and CO2 system in a warm climate like Florida.

Economy shrinks unexpectedly in August

Economy shrinks unexpectedly in August

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The economy unexpectedly shrank in August, contracting by 0.3% on the previous month.

The growth in July has also been revised downwards, from the previously recorded 0.2% to 0.1%.

The Office for National Statistics released its latest reading on the UK’s performance as the government frets over the prospect of recession ahead, given the toll placed on demand by the cost of living crisis.

The result for August is worse than expected, as no growth rather than shrinking was anticipated.

It is likely that the contraction will result in a sharper period of slowdown in September.