Marvel Studios To Film Its Movies In Australia For The Next Five Years

It looks like Marvel Studios is moving away from the US and heading to Sydney, Australia, for the next five years.

According to s from Metro UK, upcoming movies under Marvel Studios will be filmed and produced in the land down under. Taika Waititi’s Thor Love And Thunder is already filming in the country. However, Jon Watt’s untitled Spider-Man 3 is filming in New York, so it hasn’t been put in concrete terms yet.

Upcoming movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, Doctor Stranger In The Multiverse Of Madness and others are likely to be filmed in Australia.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, the insider said:

‘There is nowhere in the world where films can be shot in the way they can be here in Australia.

Sydney is the perfect place for the Marvel blockbusters because most are essentially shot in front of a green screen.

The whole studio is essentially transporting itself from the US.’

4 Steps to Help Start an Apartment Recycling Program

4 Steps to Help Start an Apartment Recycling Program

Waste management for apartment tenants is a little more complicated than it is for homeowners. In an apartment complex, you can’t put your recycling bins in the garage or the side of the house. That means apartment recycling bins need to be adaptable. The good news is, unlike houses that are subject to municipal recycling programs… an apartment recycling program can be customized to fit the needs of the building.

For each individual apartment, in-unit recycling and organics containers are often provided by your local municipality. However, the larger recycling bins with lids found in most apartment lobbies, parking garages, or “garbage rooms” are provided by the complex. Oftentimes these recycling bins are under-utilized and most waste ends up in the garbage chute instead of getting sorted into the apartment recycling bins.

The best PS4 games for kids

The best PS4 games for kids

Now more than ever, it is harder and harder to find people who don’t play some sort of game, whether it be on PC , consoles , or just their phones . Kids in particular have always been one of the major target audiences for games, but now that they’ve been around for so long, there are just as many games aimed at adults that are not well suited for younger players. The PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular systems on the market right now, with hundreds upon hundreds of games to choose from ranging from kid-friendly to ones you might want to avoid.

Exactly about Essay on educational anxiety for essays on writing experiences

Exactly about Essay on educational anxiety for essays on writing experiences

Skip the Shoulder Posture Brace & Do These Light Dumbbell Exercises Instead

We’ve all seen the ads for those gadgets that help you stay upright as you sit at your desk or commute to work. You can nip your bad shoulder posture right in the bud with these light dumbbell exercises instead!

Poor posture is on the rise – mostly because so many of us work at a desk for long hours at a time. Sitting with your arms hunched over a keyboard quickly leads to chest and shoulder tightness, which can lead to shoulder weakness. If you don’t regularly work to combat the negative effects of your desk job, this muscle tightness can cause serious pain in the shoulders, back, and neck.

Stop High Speed Railway From Destroying Ancient Woodlands

Target: Secretary of State of Transport RT Hon Grant Shapps MP

Goal: Stop construction of high-speed railway that threatens the environment.

One hundred and eight ancient woodlands are threatened by plans to develop a second high-speed railway in the UK, known as HS2. The project is being promoted as a greener alternative; however, only 5% of passengers would have otherwise driven or flown. It is predicted that construction of HS2 will likely destroy 693 local wildlife sites and its use is expected to result in the emission of 1.49 million tons of carbon dioxide, meaning we will never be able to achieve carbon neutrality.

5 Questions Regarding Search Engine Optimisation You Ought To Respond To Genuinely

Seo, or even SEO as it is actually often referred to as, is an usual technique that a lot of any web designer will definitely perform at some point in time. Search Engine Optimization targets unsearchable traffic and certainly not direct visitor traffic, particularly settled website traffic. There are actually numerous various approaches to attain online marketing. This includes ppc (PPC) marketing, hyperlink building and also directory entry, short article submission, blog writing, online videos, social bookmarking and also even more. jasa seo

Don’t Get Too Excited You May Not Be Done With Tarot

They might be looking at your future or beyond rather than in your current, take that under account, but also remember that they may just be making things up and lying. On top of that, each one of the readings includes a satisfaction warranty. At this time you need to be cautious about just ignoring a person who says something about you which isn’t accurate. But, those who utilize clairvoyants on a normal basis for important life decisions aren’t inclined to be pleased with the limited advice a free mini reading provides. It’s ‘s always all set for the bigger providers, since there’s a greater prospect of you finding dependable readers and receiving assistance from a technical tarot card readings who’s trained to take care of your specific issue.

Linux Introduces a Suite of Open-Source Best Practices


Open best practices modules are designed to suit the requirements of different audiences with an organization. Training sessions by Linux to master open management

Handling open- projects are not that easy; it’s just that difficult, like developing open- programs. And now what there are training sessions available to help you master it.

The Linux Foundation is a leading nonprofit organization that publicized its new training courses. The program is developed to introduce some of the open- best practices and is named “Open Source Management and amp; Strategy.” The program will play an essential role for businesses to enhance sustainability, diversity, and security in open- technology.

2 New Tattoo Trends For Girls – Back Tattoos and Kylie Jenson Tattoos

In this article we will talk about the two new tattoo trends that have really taken off. One is back tattoos, and the other one is Kylie jenner tattoos. These are both safe and very popular with girls these days. But here’s the thing: they are not unique. Anybody can get them, and you can get them from a tattoo parlor, a catalog, or an online design gallery. So, what is it about them that make them so popular with girls?


Here’s the meaning behind the back and the front of the lower back. When your then-boyfriend got matching tattoo, this means that he loved you. The back tattoo design represents that he was always there for you and supported you and your decisions. The tattoo on the side symbolizes that he was your lover and your friend when you were dating. He was the then-boyfriend that you saved from being hurt by someone else and the then-girlfriend that you made together.